Älvsjö Quarters

Älvsjö gårdsväg, Älvsjö

Project information

tenure: rental apartments
area: älvsjö

approx. units: 500 apartments
no. of rooms: 1-3 rooms + kitchen

approx. access: 2025
status: upcoming

connecting people in the south of Stockholm

This area is a true transportation hub since Älvsjö is Sweden’s fifth largest railway station. And just 200 meters away, we’re building 500 apartments.

how to rent an apartment

SSM has no queue of its own. Therefore, our rental apartments will be handled either by Bostadsförmedlingen or direct by SSM. Which of the alternatives will be decided later in the developing process of each project.

If you haven’t already registered in the housing queue for a rental apartment at Bostadsförmedlingen (The Stockholm Housing Agency) – please use this link

a key hub in the city

Close proximity to downtown Stockholm and good communications make this a logical place for development. This is an area that’s growing fast. To understand how Stockholm will develop in the future, you need only look at Promenadstaden, the general development plan for the capital. In this plan, Älvsjö has been identified as a key hub in the city. The aim is to develop Älvsjö into a sustainable and dynamic urban area that can be woven into the surrounding neighborhoods. Where new homes and businesses will grow around existing ones.

Close to city

When it comes to public transport, Älvsjö Quarters is ideally located. Södra Station is only 10 minutes away by train and there are plenty of bus routes. Key roads such as Huddingevägen and Magelungsvägen, which link east and west Söderort, are also close by.

When it’s fully developed, the area will have around 7,000 to 10,000 new homes and lots of new workplaces.

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