homes adapted to our buyers

Most things change over time. Like what we think luxury is, for example. Earlier, it was the number of things we owned. Then it was the size of our living space. Now, the new generation values completely different things. To them, luxury is freedom of movement and having control over their time. This is why we at SSM have formulated a vision that meets these new demands. We aim to develop the most attractive homes in the greater Stockholm region. And to provide affordable housing with space and solutions for as many people as possible.

We believe in the idea of cities within cities, where urban lifestyles extend beyond the city center and where new residential developments can inject new energy and activity into their surroundings.

We build homes for people who want to live in smaller spaces so they can live larger lives.

Homes adapted to our buyers

We build homes for the urbanites of tomorrow – people with urban lifestyles who value highly functional smaller spaces more than huge living rooms. Our target group is young adults living alone or with a partner – people who have priorities beyond owning a home such as having control over their time, traveling and going to restaurants.

We listen to our target group

Our goal is to develop the most attractive homes on the market. Our recipe for affordable housing is to build functional, space-efficient apartments with standard interiors, close to the city and public transportation. We’ve developed this recipe after listening to our customers. And we continue to listen to them so we can design even better homes.

Small but spacious apartments with smart solutions

SSM’s homes are a bit smaller than most since they’re designed for singles and couples. But since each square meter has been planned with the highest functionality in mind, they feel a lot bigger than they actually are.

We’ve studied housing in Asian cities where there is a long tradition of compact living. Smart storage solutions, multi-functionality and specially-designed kitchens made from high-quality materials are some of the things that appeal to people looking for good housing at a reasonable price. We call this “multi-use of space” and we’re planning to implement the concept in full in our Tellus Towers project.

Extra spaces for socializing

People who choose smaller, more efficient homes tend to use other spaces to get together. This is why we always try to include communal areas for socializing such as swimming pools, gyms and rooftop terraces – areas that also add extra value.

Always close to public transport

Not everyone can live downtown. But it’s possible to live in other areas with direct access to all that the city has to offer.  This is why we make sure that all of our homes are located close to subway stations or other forms of public transportation.

We also ensure access to bike parking and we’ve increased the number of parking spaces for bikes to 2.5 per apartment,  where we can. When our residents still need to use a car, we offer solutions to suit their needs such as carpools. And speaking of communication, since a good internet connection is as important as hot and cold water for our target customers, we now offer the best broadband speed on the market: 1000/1000.

Different types of tenancy

The type of tenancy that people in our target group prefer varies depending on their lifestyle, values and financial situation. To make the housing market as accessible as possible, we offer cooperative apartments, rental apartments and student housing.