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city and nature to the max

The location is magical – between the sea and the city! Right in central of Nacka just a stone’s throw from the Nacka Forum shopping center and upcoming subway. Here we are planning for Elverket, our contribution to an even more vibrant new neighborhood! There are both lovely parks and green spaces along with squares and outdoor dining venues.


tenure: cooperative apartments
area: nacka centrum
units: phase 1, 168 apartments
no. of rooms: 1-5 rooms + kitchen
approx. access: 2021
status: apartments for sale

Estate agents

Johan Markelius

08-556 184 40
svensk fastighetsförmedling

Björn Ericsson

0708-36 51 31
svensk fastighetsförmedling

Ina Olehed

08-556 184 42
svensk fastighetsförmedling

added value at elverket i nacka


SPA with whirlpool and sauna






charging stations


bicycle workshop


broadband 1000/1000Mbit/s

space to socialize

The whole neighborhood will consist of almost 500 homes, but in the first phase we build 168 apartments divided between 1-5 room and kitchen, with predominantly smaller ones and twos. Common to all is that they are smartly planned with everything from plenty of storage to fine light emitting. In addition, the person living in Elverket have extra benifits and life inhancements, like three lush green terraces with plenty of space to socialize. In addition, the house will have its own spa with whirlpool and sauna, as well as its own bicycle workshop – which is perfect given the smoothness of cycling both in the area and in Town.

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location, location, location

Elverket in Nacka will be located in the heart of the new Nacka city. The location is magical, close to both the future subway, Saltsjöbanan and buses. By bus to Slussen it will take about 17 minutes and with the future subway with the rise at Nacka Forum, a trip to Kungsträdgården (blue line) will take about 10 minutes. The subway will also stop at Sickla shopping district and Sofia on Södermalm.

Elverket in Nacka will be one of SSM´s largest with nearly 500 cooperative apartments. How many friends do you have?

car- and bicyclepool



When living in Elverket you will be adding becides all the nice suroundings extra benifits and life inhancements, such as accsess to carpool, bicyclepool, garage and the markets fastest broadband to mention a few. Welcome to discover your Dream home!

Timeline (Click here to view)

  • Launch
  • City plan
  • Sales launch
  • Booking agreement
  • Pre-purchase agreement
  • Choice of decor
  • Grant agreement
  • Viewing the construction site
  • Inspection
  • Final payment
  • Possession
Smart planned with everything from plenty of storage to fine light emitting.