Riksbyvägen, Bromma

project information

tenure: rental apartments for students
area: riksby, bromma

approx. units: 77 studentbostäder
no. of rooms: 1 room + kitchen

approx. access: q4, 2022
status: upcoming

modern apartments for students

On a walking distance of 400 meters from Brommaplan, you will find Kandidaten – 77 space efficient rental apartments for students.

close to everything

Brommaplan is situated in the centre of Bromma and is an area with both commercial and public services and a hub for public transportations with the subway station and many bus lines for cross-connections. All this makes it a very popular location.

There are ongoing plans for lots of new apartments and development of the commercial areas which will make the area even more attractive than today.

how we handle the queue

SSM has no queue of its own. Therefore, our rental apartments will be handled either by Bostadsförmedlingen or directly by SSM/Studentbacken. Which of the alternatives will be decided later in the developing process project.

If you haven’t already registered in the housing queue for a rental apartment at Bostadsförmedlingen (The Stockholm Housing Agency) – please use this link

about studentbacken

Under the Studentbacken brand, we develop affordable, highly effective student apartments with high quality and smart solutions. The goal is to create an inspiring, modern and urban arena for students and researchers. Our first project, Twin House, which was the Stockholm region’s first student residence with cooperative apartments, was completed in January 2017.

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