stockholm’s highest skyscrapers

The two towers, Tellus Towers, will be the highest residential buildings in Stockholm with approximately 1 200 apartments, of which more than 95 percent will be one and two room units. They’ll be located more or less right on top of the Telefonplan subway station. Building on this scale requires high ambitions. Especially if it’s done in line with SSM’s motto “Smaller spaces. Greater living.” And if you want to ensure that more people can afford to live a richer life by giving greater numbers of them the chance to live well.

Tenure: Cooperative apartments,
rental apartments
Area: Telefonplan
Approx. units: 1 200 apartments
No. of rooms: 1-2 rooms + kitchen
Approx. access: 2025
Status: Approx. sales launch 2020

added value at tellus towers


shared roof terrace and pool


restaurant, sky bar and a visitor center


multi-use-of-space, sliding walls


car pool


bicycle pool


close to public transportation

find out more about our vision for Tellus Towers and Telefonplan

Architecture by Gert Wingårdh

Gert Wingårdh is one of Sweden’s most acclaimed architects. He has won Sweden’s most prestigious architecture award, the Kasper Salin award, no fewer than five times. In the Tellus Towers project, Wingårdh’s team has combined two buildings of different heights with a lower building above what will be a vibrant neighborhood filled with shops and services.

See interview with Gert Wingårdh

Sliding walls

The apartments will be designed according to the multi-use of space concept developed by Hong Kong architect Gary Chang. The walls and decor can be pulled out and moved around, which means that the rooms can be adapted to a variety of functions. And does it work? Gary Chang should know. He has lived in a similar concept apartment of only 32 square meters his entire life.

the view – an outstanding panoramic view over Stockholm.

Panoramic view

The fully glazed facade will allow fantastic natural light to enter the apartments from floor to ceiling. And the panoramic view of Stockholm can’t be beat. It will be appreciated by residents as well as visitors to the public floors that will offer a restaurant, sky bar and visitors’ center.

Rooftop terrace with pool

Two of Tellus Towers’ highlights are the upper floors that feature a sun deck, swimming pool and relaxation area. Truly, this is enjoyment at a high level.


It’s a special feeling to have someone who wishes you a nice day when you leave and welcomes you home. With a dedicated “doorwoman” or “doorman,” you’ll always feel well taken care of at Tellus Towers.

bicycle pool

Another feature that differentiates Tellus Towers from other housing projects is our bicycle pool and parking spaces for thousands of bikes. As a resident, you can enjoy both the pool and safe parking for your own bicycle.

Close to downtown

Telefonplan is a great location. The area is already dynamic today. There are restaurants, gyms, supermarkets, pharmacies and other services. At your doorstep. And Tellus Towers offers even more. Of everything. Not only that, it’s easy to get to whether you’re traveling by car or public transport. From Tellus Towers, Stockholm’s Central Station is just a few minutes away by subway.

The Area

Telefonplan, located just south of Stockholm’s city center has been transformed into a hub of creativity and education. LM Ericsson’s telephone factory from 1940 has been the home of the Konstfack University College of Arts and design since 2004. And just a few minutes away is Hyper Island, a college specialized in interactive media.

Telefonplan can’t really be compared with any other urban area. It’s already unique. And it’s probably the mix of old and new, factories and schools, that has made it so popular.

Timeline (Click here to view)

  • Launch
  • City plan
  • Sales launch
  • Booking agreement
  • Pre-purchase agreement
  • Choice of decor
  • Grant agreement
  • Viewing the construction site
  • Inspection
  • Final payment
  • Possession