The Loft

Näsbylundsvägen, Täby

Project information

tenure: rental apartments for students
area: roslags-näsby, täby

approx. units: 120 apartments
no. of rooms: 1-2 rooms + kitchen

approx. access: 2022
status: upcoming

are you a student? Then we’ve got the loft for you!

The Loft is Studentbacken’s first project offering student housing for rent.

student residence with tenancy

The Loft will be a key element in a large, newly developed residential area designed to blend in with the surroundings. To achieve high functionality for students, we’ve placed high emphasis on the architectural design. The quality of materials and technical solutions are in line with modern construction while at the same time adapted to student housing. Each unit has smart features and storage solutions as well as space for socializing. And naturally, there’s plenty of bike parking available.

Q: Where is it? A: Nearby


The Loft is located in Roslags Näsby, more specifically at the junction of Lundvägen and Ytterby Skolgränd. It’s just one station south of the Täby Centrum mall, close to Lahäll and Enebyberg in Danderyd. In other words, it’s very central. It’s just a 400 meter walk to the Roslag Näsby town center and the Roslagsbanan light rail station. And bus stops are about the same distance away.

location, location, location

Building affordable homes for students requires expertise. The Loft is our big test. And it looks like we’re going to ace it.

  • 9 minutes by train to Stockholm University
  • 13 minutes with Roslagsbanan light rail to Östra Station
  •  A short bicycle ride to Täby centrum with its 260 shops and 20 restaturants




Notice of interest

about studentbacken

Under the Studentbacken brand, we develop affordable, highly effective student apartments with high quality and smart solutions. The goal is to create an inspiring, modern and urban arena for students and researchers. Our first project, Twin House, which was the Stockholm region’s first student residence with cooperative apartments, was completed in January 2017.

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