Trygg förening SSM

Secure housing cooperative

SSM wants to build stable and good housing cooperatives with finances that remain sustainable for many years ahead. This means that our housing cooperatives have:

Independent authorized certifiers

A cost estimate and a financial plan that are always reviewed by two certifiers that have been authorized by the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, according to the law. The certifiers will certify that the estimate/plan is based on a reliable foundation.

A sustainable loan-to-value ratio

A sustainable loan-to-value ratio based on residential floor area.

A guaranteed cost of capital from SSM for two years

SSM guarantees the average interest rate according to the financial plan in relation to the housing cooperation, which means that if interest expenses exceed the average cost stated in the plan in the first two years, SSM will compensate the housing cooperative for the part of the costs that exceed the plan.

A professional board of external directors

with extensive experience of forming housing cooperatives for new production. The board have been tasked with entering into a design build contract for the construction of the building, and they are responsible for the housing cooperative’s finances, management and agreements until a board of residents takes over, which normally occurs on the first annual general meeting after the construction of the building is completed.

Guaranteed acquisition costs

in accordance with the registered financial plan. This means that if the contract turns out to be more expensive than estimated, SSM will cover the additional cost.

Guaranteed rental income

according to the financial plan for any parking spaces and commercial premises for one year.

Guarantee for vacant cooperative apartments

upon completion, when SSM undertakes to acquire the right to any cooperative apartments that have not been sold with pre-purchase agreements.




An advance guarantee

through an independent insurance company as required by the law. When the Swedish Companies Registration Office has taken part of the insurance they consent to the housing cooperation accepting advance payments in the form of down payments from its customers.

A five-year guarantee period

starting from the final inspection of the residential property, as approved by the housing cooperative. White goods are guaranteed for two years.

A guarantee inspection

is performed within two years of the final inspection. During the inspection, the surveyor determines whether any new defects have emerged during the guarantee period and whether he considers that such defects should be remedied by the contractor.

Management for two years,

both technical and financial. The technical management is carried out by our subsidiary, SSM Property Services. They know the building inside and out and therefore have excellent knowledge of the management, maintenance and development required. After two years, the housing cooperative can transfer the management to another manager.

Six months advance notice of completion

When you buy a newly produced home, the pre-purchase agreement is signed already at the project’s planning or design stage. That gives you the opportunity to put a personal touch to your apartment by choosing available fittings and decor. Signing pre-purchase agreements at an early stage results in the estimated timelines being preliminary as they are dependent on the progress of the project which, in turn, is dependent on the municaplity’s planning process for instance. There is a fixed time for the grant agreement in the pre-purchase agreement and the timing for completion is notified six months in advance, to give you enogh time to plan a possible sale of your current home.