Spånga Studios

Värsta Allé, Spånga

Project information

tenure: rental apartments
area: spånga

approx. units: 150 apartments
no. of rooms: 1-4

approx. access: 2023/2024
status: city plan

a charming district with lots of sport facilities

Spånga is emerging from its Sleeping Beauty phase and changing rapidly. And the good news is that Spånga town center already has everything you need in terms of services, plus a library, butcher, fishmonger and bakery.

how to rent an apartment

SSM has no queue of its own. Therefore, our rental apartments will be handled either by Bostadsförmedlingen or direct by SSM. Which of the alternatives will be decided later in the developing process of each project.

If you haven’t already registered in the housing queue for a rental apartment at Bostadsförmedlingen (The Stockholm Housing Agency) – please use this link

Discover the area

Just a few minutes away from the town center are meadows and small woodlands. Nearby, you’ll find the Spånga sports field and facilities offering tennis, badminton and golf. From Spånga, it’s just a ten-minute commuter train ride to Odenplan train station and then just another four minutes to Stockholm’s Central Station.


Notice of interest